Drywall Tools for Your Finished Interiors

There are several innovations that have been introduced to enable a better look for the interiors of your home and office. And the best advantage of these is that they can be used on the existing walls and ceilings. This makes it suitable for you to redesign an old building without having to enter into a long drawn construction work.

There are wooden boards that were commonly used for the purpose of setting false ceilings and partition walls. Nowadays there is the Kings Drywall board that you can use instead. These are cost effective and extremely attractive too.

There are boards that are prepared from gypsum plaster. This board is placed between two sheets of thick paper. There is another innovation where fiberglass is used in place of paper. However the older version is still available and very popularly used as well.

Drywall Tools

There are certain tools that are needed in the installation and fixation of these boards. These are available in the form of a toolkit box.

Keyhole Saw – This is a tool that is used to make different incisions in the boards for switchboards and electrical box placements. The tip of the saw is pierced in and then moved to make the cut.

Power Jig Saw – This is similar to a Keyhole Saw in its functions.

Drywall Saw – This is used for cutting the sheets and sizing them in pieces of different sizes.

Drywall T Square – This is like a scale that you can use in drawing lines before the cutting process. There are measurements are also provided in the tool for precision marking before cutting.

Rasp – This is a tool that you need to scrape of the excess paper or edges out of a board. While fitting a board there are adjustments that will have to be made in its measurements. Rasp is the tool used for that purpose.

Circle Cutter – This is a tool used for circular cuttings on a drywall board. The circle cutter can be used for that. It is pierced and fixed to the central point and then moved all around.

Drywall Router – This is also a tool that is needed for a circular incision on a board that is already installed to a wall or a ceiling. It is a power version of the circle cutter.

Drywall Lifts – These are used when drywall boards are fixed on ceilings. It is a form of support that is can hold it in place while you fix it with nails and other fixtures.

Drywall Jacks – These are stand like structures that can hold the ceiling board while it is fixed. The basic idea is to provide better support for the ceiling. These structures can be also used permanently.

Utility Knife- This is a basic tool that is used for multipurpose reasons. It can be used to make different markings and cuttings.

Taping Knife – This is like a file that can be used to smoothen out a rough surface on a drywall board.

These are the tools that can ensure a well fitted drywall ceiling or wall for your home or office. There are instruction manuals available with the toolkits which you should read well before using these. Remember to follow instructions.